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Body Bar Exchange

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Although the Body Bar will function virtually forever, certain components – such as labels and the rubber sleeve – may show the effects of frequent use or abuse.  No club wants its members working out with shabby, worn equipment.  And that includes Body Bars.

Replacement end caps and labels may be ordered from this web store:  click on ‘Parts & Accessories’ above.

However, if the rubber sleeve is also damaged, or end caps are missing, the bar should be replaced.  Body Bar Exchange enables you to replace your damaged bars with brand new Body Bars.  We take back your old bars back and recycle the steel (always the most expensive component of the Body Bar), which allows us to offer Exchange pricing at significant discounts.

And, we will take back competitors’ generic bars of like size – replacing them with classic Body Bars!

This is how the Program works:

  • Your facility emails us at with the number of each weight of the bars you wish to replace, as well as your ship-to address.
  • We provide an Estimate, to show your savings for buying new bars via the Exchange Program vs buying at new bars at regular Club pricing.  The more bars to Exchange, the greater the savings!
  • After securing the order with any major credit card, we ship your new Body Bars via Motor Freight or FedEx Ground, depending on the total bar weight.
  • You receive the new Body Bars, unpack them, hold onto the boxes, and locate the envelope with the FedEx Ground return labels.
  • You pack the old bars in the boxes and affix the return labels to each box.
  • Then you call us at 303-938-6865 ext 0 (or email at the above address) to schedule a pickup.

It’s that simple!  This Program is an extremely cost-effective way to keep your group ex and personal training areas looking sharp and fresh.  We are committed to supporting our partner clubs and fitness facilities with the highest quality product, while employing our best Green Business Practices.

To this end, we invite you to try Body Bar Exchange!