Clare Dunphy

Clare is Director of Progressive Bodyworks Inc.  She has an extensive background in the fitness industry, spanning nearly 40 years.  She holds a BS in Physical Education with a concentration in Cardiovascular Health and Exercise from Northeastern University, along with certifications through ACE, PMA, and the Pilates Guild.  Her experience includes aerobics instructor, personal trainer, fitness educator and Pilates instructor.  Clare is a popular presenter, guest lecturer and master class presenter in the United States and internationally.  She has received the “Best of Boston” Award for Pilates in 1998 and Boston’s “Best Award” in 2000.  As Master Trainer with Peak Pilates from 2002-2014, Clare developed certification programs, mentored Pilates teacher trainers worldwide, and co-authored eight instructor training manuals.  She is a presenter on and, and hosts two free video channels on for students and teachers.  Her latest project is, a comprehensive audio program designed for practitioners of all levels and as a new program offering for studios.  Her integrated and wholesome approach to exercise and health is refreshing and she is dedicated to providing progressive and innovative education and instruction to fitness professionals and enthusiasts who are pursuing an enhanced lifestyle through physical fitness.